Abhijit Rawool


I’m going to teach you how to make a WordPress website without touching a single line of code!

After building websites for more than a decade, I finally figured out the best ways to make a WordPress website without messing around with code. Want to know about the tools that I use to make a WordPress website without touching any code?

I am dedicated to help you build your website.

This website is the place to get step-by-step tutorials on making a WordPress website, no-bullshit guides and tools to build your website without writing any code.

It is also the place where I share everything that I have learned over the years about making robust websites that scale as your website grows. This is the place where I share behind-the-scenes details of building a great WordPress website without having to hire a full-time designer or developer.

You don’t have to go to a design school or learn to code for building a website. I prefer to use drag-and-drop tools to build a website and tools that integrate well with each other so that you can build your website fast and it stays stable for a long time to come. I know how you can run your website online without touching a single line of code.

Yes, you can make a WordPress website without learning how to code, without spending too much of money, and without getting frustrated.

If you are ready to start making your website, then get my free Website Builders’ Toolbox which contains the list of all tools that you can use to build your website without fiddling with any code.

My Story

I’ve been making websites since 2007. The first website that I built was by purchasing a stock HTML based website script from eBay and then changing its code to fit my needs. At that time, I had no idea what I was doing. With the lessons that I learned from changing the code of my website, I got enough confidence to code my second website from scratch using ASP.net.

Yes, I hand-coded my second website, right from the database tables to the front-end of the website! Can you believe that?

But I soon realized that my entire time was getting wasted in coding the website rather than growing my audience. I was desperately looking for a solution to free up my time. That is when I found WordPress and things changed for me dramatically.

WordPress quickly became my tool of choice to build websites faster. I was now able to build websites by just configuring a few settings in WordPress. My next three websites were entirely built on WordPress, and I learned a ton of things about WordPress and running a website in general.

One of the biggest things that I learned was no matter how good WordPress is; I still needed to code a few things to make my websites look and function exactly the way I wanted them to look and function.

I hated wasting my time in coding, so I started to look for WordPress Themes, Plugins and applications that could help me build and operate my websites without touching any code.

During this time, I read many website building articles to learn how to build and run their websites. Every website made its own suggestions for the various themes, plugins, and applications for running a website.

On blind faith, I followed those suggestions and invested money in buying all those tools. But I soon realized that some of those websites only suggested these tools because they got a commission whenever someone bought those tools by clicking a link on that website. Those tools, were either badly coded, or needed me to write extra code, or did not scale as websites grew or were just useless.

This was when I decided to find my own set of tools that would let me build and operate my websites without investing too much of time in maintaining them or writing code to make them work as I wanted them to work.

Over the next few years, I bought every theme, plugin, and application that I found interesting to evaluate them. Some were good, some were bad, and some were just awesome.

Nowadays, these are the tools that I recommend to everyone. You can get the list of these tools by downloading my free Website Builders’ Toolbox.

I have used these set of tools to build several WordPress websites in past few years, all without writing code.

While using these tools to build my websites, I also learned a lot of things about running websites the most efficient way..

This is what led me to start this blog where I share all things that I learned over the years about making and running websites.

So if you are looking to build your own WordPress website, then you are at the right place…

I just want to say, “Welcome!”

This blog is growing, and you’re one of the gang now!

So grab your notebook, a cup of coffee, and get ready to learn how to make a WordPress website.

I am going to help you every step of the way!