My Recommended List of Tools Needed To Build A WordPress Website!

Ever wondered what is needed to build a WordPress website?


Given below is the list of all the tools that I strongly recommend for building a WordPress website.

I have tested every tool on this page. Many of the website building tools listed here are crucial for running my own websites, and I use them frequently.

But before digging into this awesome list of tools, an important disclosure:

Some of the links below are affiliate links. This means, if you click on a link and purchase a product, I will receive a commission. This commission comes at no additional cost to you. Don’t worry; I only recommend products or services that I use personally and believe will add value to my readers.

Tools Needed To Start Your Website


Namecheap has been my domain registrar of choice for a long time now. I register all of my website domain names through Namecheap. Unlike some of the other domain registrars, Namecheap does not have any hidden fees. They also have a knowledgeable support team which has helped me a few times when I needed help.

Check out this detailed guide on how to register a domain name with Namecheap.

Or Check out what Namecheap has to offer…


WordPress is a free Content Management System (CMS) that I use to build every website. If you haven’t heard about WordPress, then read these two articles that I have written:

Rocket or BigScoots

After trying out various shared hosting services, I finally settled down with Rocket and BigScoots. Both of them are Managed WordPress Hosting providers and are the best value for money web hosts that I have found till now. Their support teams are just awesome.

Depending on your budget, you can pick one of them. And here’s a detailed guide on how to properly host a WordPress website.

Or check out Rocket and BigScoots

Tools Needed To Build Your Website

Astra Theme and Astra Pro Add-On

Astra Theme is the most feature-rich theme that I have come across. It is the one that I have used to build this site. I highly recommend getting it. Did I tell you it is free? Yes, it is free!

Astra Theme comes with the Astra Pro add-on. It is the add-on plugin that sits on top of the Astra theme and adds a lot of features to the theme. I mean a lot! Astra Pro add-on is the backbone of building any website without touching a single line of  code.

Check out all the features of Astra theme…

Beaver Builder Theme

Beaver Builder Theme is the one I use when I need the flexibility to design my websites without any limitations. This theme gives the perfect number of customization options so that I don’t get confused or overwhelmed.

Go for this theme if you are not planning to use Astra theme with its Pro add-on.

Check out Beaver Builder Theme…

Beaver Builder Plugin

Beaver Builder plugin is the most important plugin when it comes to making my website without touching any code. It allows me to build any page on my website by just dragging and dropping various elements like buttons, sliders, columns, etc. on the page.

You can use this plugin with Astra theme or with Beaver Builder theme.

Read my Beaver Builder review to understand why I like this page builder plugin so much.

Or check out all the features of Beaver Builder yourself…

UABB Add-on for Beaver Builder

UABB is an add-on that sits on top of the Beaver Builder plugin. It adds a lot of unique modules, sections, and page templates that help me build professional looking web pages on my website.

You can take a look at them over here:

Beaver Themer Plugin

This revolutionary plugin by Beaver Builder team makes it possible to create theme templates, design blog post layouts, conditionally display content in certain parts of the website, design header and footer of a website etc.

These things where previously possible only through custom code. Now thanks to the Beaver Themer plugin, anyone can do all of this without touching any code. Isn’t that revolutionary?

Here are couple of tutorials that will show you the real power of Beaver Themer plugin:

Or check out Beaver Themer all by yourself…

Tools Needed To Connect With Your Website Visitors

Convert Pro

This is the WordPress plugin that helps me build professional looking opt-in popup and forms that I use to get email addresses of people visiting my websites. This is by far the best value for money opt-in form plugin that I have found. I have tried a lot of plugins, believe me!

Check out Convert Pro…


I fell in love with ConvertKit after trying out numerous other email marketing service providers that offer Marketing Automation. ConvertKit beat them all by a margin.

It is probably the easiest to use Email Marketing Automation tool in the market today. If you are serious about connecting with audience, then ConvertKit should be your email marketing tool of choice.

Check out ConvertKit…

Tools Needed To Deliver Your Products and Services


Teachery is the online course hosting platform. After trying out various big online course hosting platforms, I finally settled on Teachery because it gives the biggest bang for your buck.

You can actually host online courses for your various websites or businesses in a single Teachery account. This is something that no other online course platform offers today.

Check out Teachery…


If you want to sell your products and services from your website, then WooCommerce can help you do it.

It is by far the most feature rich shopping cart plugin in the WordPress ecosystem.

Get WooCommerce…

Tools Needed For Site Optimization


This is the image optimization plugin that I use to compress and reduce the size of my images. Large sized images impact website speed. So it is essential that you reduce the size of each image while uploading it to your website. Using ShortPixel, you can do this easily.

Check out all features of ShortPixel…

SEOPress Pro

If you want a light-weight SEO plugin with a ton of features at one low price, then take a look SEOPress Pro.

SEOPress Pro is by far the most light-weight SEO plugin I have found that has all the features you will ever need.

Check out all the features of SEOPress Pro…

Other Tools I Recommend For Building and Running Websites

Website Analytics

Google Analytics – For keeping track of website analytics

Google Search Console – For keeping track of website performance on Google

Website Graphics

Stencil – For creating various graphics for a website

Stock Unlimited – For downloading stock images

Snagit – For capturing and editing images


Byword – For writing, anything and everything!

ProWritingAid – For checking spelling and grammar mistakes

Beacon – For creating good looking documents

Evernote – For capturing and organizing everything related to work and personal life


ScreenFlow – For recording videos on Mac

TubeBuddy – For optimizing videos uploaded to Youtube