Beaver Builder Review After Using It Since 2014 [Non-Stop]

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No, No, No, No, No, No, No… In this Beaver Builder review, I am not going to list down all the features of Beaver Builder and tell you how useful they are.

You can easily find those kinds of reviews on the internet.

Or just go to the Beaver Builder website and find it out for yourself.

Instead, I am going to tell you exactly why I keep using Beaver Builder even after purchasing it back in 2014.

What makes it so valuable that I keep renewing its license every year.

And then I am going to tell you where Beaver Builder fails to deliver and answer some of the commonly asked questions about Beaver Builder.

Fair enough?


Let’s get started then.

But first…

The Verdict Of This Beaver Builder Review

The 3 features that make Beaver Builder stand out from other WordPress page builder plugins are Stability, Security, and Innovation. Beaver Builder has fewer features than its competitors. However, its rock-solid code, stable updates, and innovation pace make it one of the best page builder plugin.

I will talk about these three main features and many more in greater detail now.

Alright! Let’s get started…

Beaver Builder Pros

There are 9 areas in all that makes Beaver Builder stand out from its competition.

Those areas are:

  1. Stability
  2. Security
  3. Innovation
  4. A Thinking Team
  5. Ease-of-Use
  6. Efficiency
  7. Great Ecosystem
  8. Fantastic Community and
  9. Awesome Support

Let me explain each of these things in great detail now.

1. Stability

Have you ever tried to stand on a shiny new 3-legged table?

Why would you in your right mind want to do that? You will fall flat on your face.

Yet, when you buy any software, you tend to choose the one that has all the bells and whistles.

You never think about how stable it will be for years to come.

Heck, even I never used to think about this.

But now that I have spent more than 15 years in the Software Development world, I realize the importance of having stability in software.

Your time is better spent working on your business than having to resolve issues that each update of the software causes.

Think about it…

Why do you want to spend time rectifying issues caused by a software when you can spend that same time on growing your business or just spend it with your family?

In all these years since 2014, how many times has Beaver Builder broken my site?

Hmmm… Let me think…

I am thinking…

Still thinking…

Oh yes…


That fact and that fact alone has kept me loyal to Beaver Builder since 2014!

But is stability alone enough?

No, the software has to be secure as well.

This brings me to my second point…

2. Security

Who likes a software that is a threat to their business?

No one!

Absolutely no one!

While Beaver Builder’s biggest competitor Elementor has suffered from occasional security hick-up, Beaver Builder has never let this lapse in security take place.

This is a sign of a great, stable, mature, and secure piece of software.

This is also one of the main reasons why I have stayed so loyal to Beaver Builder for the past 5+ years.

Now, stability and security are great, but every software needs to innovate as well.

With time, every product tends to lag behind its competitor.

That is why all products must keep innovating.

So, how has Beaver Builder done in this department?

Let me tell you…

3. Innovation

For any software to keep its competitive edge in the market, it has to innovate at a pace that leaves its competition playing the catch-up game.

You know what happened to that company called Nokia, right?

A software that does not innovate dies… and it dies a horrible death.

Luckily, that does not seem to be happening with Beaver Builder at all.

First, it came out with this powerful plugin called Beaver Themer, which revolutionized the way we build websites. Then it came out with integrations with Easy Digital Downloads and The Events Calendar.

I know, Beaver Themer isn’t the first of its kind plugin. There were a few that existed before Beaver Themer, which did the same thing.

But Beaver Themer was able to put them behind just on its quality and how stable it was when it launched.

Hey, even Beaver Builder’s closest competitor, Elementor, developed a Beaver Themer equivalent after almost two years since Beaver Themer’s launch.

This is what I meant by making your competition play the catch-up game.

Can Beaver Builder keep itself at the forefront of innovation?

Only time will tell, but Beaver Builder has a Thinking Team behind it, which can pull this off.

Which brings me to my fourth point…

4. A Thinking Team

Any software, no matter how useful it is, gradually dies if the team behind it fails to think through the problems that their customers face in every-day life.

Did I say every-day life?

Yes, every-day life.

The software team has to think through not only the problems its customers are going to face while using their software but also needs to think through the problems that they face in their normal daily life.

So if it is a software that will primarily be used for doing business work like Beaver Builder, then the Beaver Builder team will have to think through the challenges that their customers will face while building their websites as a whole. They cannot just focus only on the challenges that customers will face while using Beaver Builder.

And this is clearly evident in the way Beaver Builder team has gone about enhancing Beaver Builder. Be it the Beaver Builder theme, Beaver Themer, the integrations with Easy Digital Downloads and Events Calendar, or the big UI overhaul that was done in Beaver Builder 2.0, all of these enhancements were thought through properly.

Justin Busa, Billy Young, and Robby McCullough​​​​​​​ are the minds behind Beaver Builder who have given ample examples of the way they have been thinking through every iteration of Beaver Builder.

So far, they have not only managed to improve Beaver Builder in the right direction but have also made sure that the overall Ease-of-Use and Efficiency of Beaver Builder is not compromised.

5. Ease-of-Use

Beaver Builder’s learning curve was always short.

However, Beaver Builder 2.0 launched with a big UI overhaul.

What many people did not realize was the fact that Beaver Builder 2.0 was not just about the change to its look-and-feel.

To me, it seemed that there was a big push to improve the overall usability of Beaver Builder.

Usability is another thing that kills a software and makes customers run away from it.

You will know what I mean if you have ever tried to use Google Tag Manager. A powerful software that just intimidates the hell out of some people, including me.

Or take the case of Google Analytics, which many people use, but not everyone understands how to use it to grow a business properly.

It is not a simple task to make an easy-to-use software and, at the same time, make sure that the users can work with it efficiently.

6. Efficiency

A software’s sole purpose should be to get you to stop using it and get you working on your business.

Your time is precious and should not be wasted in trying to set every setting that a page builder provides.

Making sure that Beaver Builder’s users are able to complete their work as efficiently as possible has been the philosophy of the Beaver Builder team for long.

If you are part of Beaver Builder’s Facebook Group, then you would have seen Robby and Justin re-iterate this point again and again.

And rightly so.

A software that doesn’t make its users efficient is worthless.

But making the users efficient is alone not enough.

A good software needs to have a great ecosystem around it as well.

Why do you think WordPress has become the most favored website builder?

It is because of the ecosystem surrounding Beaver Builder.

And such an ecosystem exists around Beaver Builder too.

It is this great ecosystem surrounding Beaver Builder, which makes it my go-to page builder plugin as well.

So let’s talk about it…

7. Great Ecosystem

We live in an ecosystem.

Without an ecosystem, it would be difficult for us to survive.

This is the same case with Beaver Builder too.

Beaver Theme, coupled with Beaver Builder and Beaver Themer is a powerhouse combination using which you can build any damn website.

I am not saying this just to praise Beaver Builder.

Go take a look at this blog post on Beaver Builder’s official blog that goes into great detail of all the possible kinds of websites that you can build using Beaver Themer.

Not only that, here are a couple of more articles that will show you the real power of Beaver Themer:

And this is just the tip of the iceberg. I haven’t even started talking about third-party Beaver Builder addons like Ultimate Addons for Beaver Builder and PowerPack.

But I will do that some other day. For now, let’s just talk only about Beaver Builder. After all, this is a review of the Beaver Builder WordPress page-builder plugin!

Coming back to the ecosystem, what good is an ecosystem that does not involve human beings?

Yes, real human beings, a community.

8. Fantastic Community

Remember that Beaver Builder Facebook Group that I just spoke about?

Go and join that group, and you will see a vibrant community interacting with each other not only on topics related to Beaver Builder but on every topic related to making a website.

There are many knowledgeable people in that group who will help you if you ever get stuck with anything.

This is what makes a good software, GREAT.

Why do you think Mac has been so successful as compared to Windows in recent times?

It is because of the community.

Every software that has met its end usually never had a great community behind it.

At least for now, Beaver Builder does not have to fear that.

Its community is very strong, and so is its Support.

9. Awesome Support

After-sales Customer Support is usually where a lot of software companies lose their customers.

And yet not many companies realize that.

Luckily, that is not the case with Beaver Builder.

It has a fantastic support team behind it, which has done a commendable job over all these years.

But you might not get a chance to interact with the Beaver Builder Support team because of how stable and secure Beaver Builder has become over the years.

Did I never had to contact Beaver Builder’s Support team? Don’t I have any complaints?

Frankly, over all these years, I have only contacted Beaver Builder’s Support team 2-3 times, I think. But that does not mean I have no complaints.

Beaver Builder Cons

It’s not all hunky-dory with Beaver Builder.

It never is with anything in life!

As much as I love and praise Beaver Builder, I have quite a few complaints too.

Let me now tell you about them.

1. Built For Web Designers

Beaver Builder is primarily built with Web Designers and Web Design Agencies in mind.

Hey, after all, Justin, Billy, and Robby used to run a design agency.

Because of this, a small-time blogger like me and solo-entrepreneurs who know nothing about web design or writing code find Beaver Builder underwhelming.

This is where Elementor looks like a Knight In Shining Armor that has been sent to save our lives.

Does that mean bloggers and small-time entrepreneurs cannot use Beaver Builder to build their websites on their own?

Absolutely not!

I have been using Beaver Builder for many years now, and I have never felt the need to use another page builder plugin.

If I can do it, so can you.

Yes, it is true that you might not be able to get that jazzy effect on your website, which other WordPress page builders provide.

But hey, is that jazzy effect important over stability and security?


That is what I have come to realize over the years.

Speaking of jazzy effects, Beaver Builder also lacks Modules and Templates as compared to its competitors.

2. Not Many Module And Templates

Beaver Builder has concentrated on building a stable and robust base platform over which other 3rd-Party software developers like Ultimate Addons for Beaver Builder and PowerPack Addons for Beaver Builder can build their extensions.

This is why Beaver Builder does not have as many modules and templates as its competitor Elementor has.

Elementor has come out all guns blazing when it comes to Modules and Templates. This is in stark contrast to the development philosophy behind Beaver Builder.

If you have read my Beaver Builder vs Elementor comparison, then you know that Elementor beats the crap out of Beaver Builder in terms of features.

You need to couple Beaver Builder with Ultimate Addons or PowerPack Addons to get it anywhere near competing with Elementor.

While Beaver Builder has concentrated on building a strong foundation, Elementor has concentrated on building a 5-Star Luxurious Hotel.

Now the question is which of these two approaches is correct?


Can a building stand strong without a strong foundation? Can a donkey keep walking if you keep on adding more weight on its back?


Both of them will fall someday.

Then why do we expect our software to do all things?

Strange, right?

3. No Undo Action

NOTE: As of version 2.3, Beaver Builder has added Undo/Redo action. So this con is no longer valid.

This has been my biggest complaint about Beaver Builder till now.

A thinking team that just fails to see the value of an Undo action for so long is baffling, to say the least.

There are many people in Beaver Builder’s Facebook Group who have complained about this from time to time.

So hopefully, the Beaver Builder team is listening.

Alright! This brings me to the most important question…

Why Have I Stayed Loyal To Beaver Builder For So Many Years?

In this Beaver Builder review, I have given you many reasons why Beaver Builder is such a good page builder plugin.

But if I had to pick just a few of those reasons, then there would be just three reasons, Stability, Security, and Innovation.

If Beaver Builder had not remained Stable and Secure for so long as well as innovated at a pace that did not put stability and security at risk, I would have left Beaver Builder long ago.

For me, Stability, Security, and Innovation are more important than anything else.

What about you?

If you too think these things are important then…

Go check out these important features of Beaver Builder…

And if you still have any questions, then ask them in the comments below.

I will reply. That’s a promise.

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