Does Web Hosting Include Database? (Important Points To Consider)

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If you are planning to make a website, web application, or something else online, you are bound to get web hosting. So…

Does web hosting include database? Yes, all web hosting accounts include a database. Some web hosting accounts also let you create multiple databases. However, the database server on which you can create multiple databases is only one.

Having said that, let’s talk about web hosting and databases in detail now…

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What Is Database In Web Hosting?

A database is basically a repository where you can store the data of your website, web application, etc. You can have one database or multiple databases on one database server.

A Web Hosting account, on the other hand, is an account provided by a Web Hosting company so that you can create your website, web application, etc. And since a website or a web application would need a database to store its data, the Web Hosting accounts do provide you with a database server on which you can create your database.

Basically, a Web Hosting account will give you access to one server on which you can keep the files of your website or web application. That same server will have a database server installed on it so that you can create the databases required for your websites or web applications.


How Many Number Of Databases Do You Get With A Web Hosting Account?

The number of databases that you get with a Web Hosting account depends on the plan that you signed up for from the Web Hosting Company.

Almost all Web Hosting companies have a basic plan which lets you create one website. If you sign up for such a plan then, you can create only one database. But, if you sign up for higher plans, then you can create multiple websites and thus multiple databases.

However, whichever plan you sign up for, usually, you will only get one database server on which you can create one or multiple databases.

There are some advanced Web Hosting providers that will allow you to create multiple database servers if needed. But it is unlikely that you will need multiple database servers unless you are creating a highly complex web application.

For websites, one database server and one database are sufficient.


Which Database Is Provided With Web Hosting?

Nowadays, almost all Web Hosting companies will provide you with the MySQL database because it is a free and open-source database.

However, if you are looking for some paid database like Oracle Database, then you are out of luck.

You can get these kinds of complex databases only if you buy them.

In most cases, the MySQL database will be more than sufficient for your needs.

But if you need a more complex database, then you will need to buy it first and then find a Web Hosting company that will allow you to install it on its servers.

This is a big headache and I would recommend against it unless you know what you are doing.

Using a MySQL database is not only easy, but it will also save you a ton of money. It also has a big community around it. So, getting help is far easier than you think.

Alright, now let’s see which Web Hosting companies provide you with databases.

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Best Web Hosting With Database

Nowadays, almost all Web Hosting companies will provide you with a MySQL database server.

The best Web Hosting companies with database support are:

  1. BigScoots (Use this Promotional Coupon Code 4NJY49N1ZIMQ to get 50% off on your first-month bill)
  2. Cloudways

There are hundreds of other Web Hosting companies that come with databases too, but I have found these two Web Hosting companies to be far more reliable than other Web Hosting companies.

You can host your database on any one of these Web Hosting companies depending on the cost that you can afford. However, all of these Web Hosting companies will require you to pay some amount of money.

But what if you want Web Hosting for free?

Free Web Hosting With Database Support

Here’s a list of free Web Hosting companies that come with Database support.

Do keep in mind that free in the web hosting world means limitations, no support, and high risk. You will need to carefully read the Terms of Service agreement of the free Web Hosting company that you choose.

I would recommend that you use these free Web Hosting companies only for personal or school projects. Don’t use them for your business purposes.

Many of these Web Hosting companies come with severe limitations on what you can do with your website or database.

Also, there is a high risk that your website and database will get deleted for some reason or the other.

So, if you plan to use these Web Hosting companies, then regularly take full local backups of your website and database.

For serious projects, I highly recommend that you use one of the two paid Web Hosting companies that I have recommended above.


To Wrap Up!

Web hosting does come with databases.

How many databases you can create depends on the Web Hosting plan that you sign up for.

There are paid as well as free Web Hosting companies that you can sign up for.

Free web hosting has a lot of limitations and risks. So, it is always better to pay a small amount and get a good web hosting plan to secure your website and database.

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