How To Promote Artist Websites Without Looking Like A Spammer

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An artist website is a valuable tool to help you establish yourself in the online world. However, just launching a website will not automatically attract visitors. You must promote your artist website using proven advertising strategies to receive visitors and help your traffic to grow.

How to promote artist websites? There are both paid and free ways to promote an artist website. Search Engine Optimization is one of the most important ways to rank high on google searches and build organic traffic to your website. Adding fresh content through an engaging blog page will prompt visitors to return to your website while guest blogging can attract new visitors. The other option is to advertise your website on social media and use email marketing strategies. Also, work on signature branding and submit your website to search engine directories to increase visibility.

Let us explore each of these methods in closer detail now.

8 Most Effective Methods To Promote Your Artist Website

Use the following 8 website promotion methods to get the word out about your website and help it grow.

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1. Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Most of your visitors will reach your website through search engines like Google. So, you must work towards improving your website ranking through Search Engine Optimization.

SEO is an ongoing task that is proven to yield long-term results when implemented consistently.

The traditional way of SEO is to optimize your website with keywords that are popular search terms in your field of work.

You can find low-competition keywords with high search volume by using tools like Google Keyword Planner.

Once you identify such keywords, add them to titles, headings, images, and into the content to improve organic traffic.

2. Create A Blog Page

One of the most effective ways to convince people to return to your website is through an engaging and interesting blog page.

You can use this page to add new and relevant content to your website and establish yourself as an expert.

Nonetheless, quality content is crucial to the long-term success of your website.

So, ensure that your blogs are original, authoritative, and accurate.

The higher the frequency of posting, the sooner you can build website traffic. However, don’t push out frequent blog posts unless they are done right.

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3. Use Social Media

As an artist, you may already have accounts on social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc.

Many of your fans will be following you on these channels. However, the problem with social media is that there will be thousands of similar artists on these platforms. But, with an artist website, you have a competitive advantage.

Link your website to your social media accounts and vice versa to make a winning combination that attracts more traffic.

Update your social media accounts whenever you add new information to your website. This will spread the word about new videos, blogs, or upcoming shows and events.

You can use your website to share details of promotions, events, and other ventures that you are involved in. When those event organizers share these updates on their social pages, they will automatically promote your artist website as well.

4. Email Marketing

Email marketing is important for artists as it helps to build solid relationships with potential clients. This digital marketing strategy has a personalized nature that delivers new and relevant information directly to interested fans.

Fans and followers will be eager to know about your latest endeavors.

Use this as an incentive to make them sign up to your mailing list. You can offer discounts on tickets, early-bird access to sales, or contests to have them share their contact information.

Your email subscribers will be interested in returning to your website regularly when you send them great content that is related to their interest.

5. Use Contests And Giveaways

Everyone likes the idea of winning something, which is why contests and giveaways are a good way to promote your website.

Invite more traffic to your website by hosting a contest.

Prizes could be tickets to your upcoming show, signed merchandise, or gift vouchers. While your regular visitors are bound to join in, a contest or giveaway will also bring in new faces.

For maximum participation, make sure that your contest is creative but not too challenging.

Keep it fun and interesting, and don’t forget to promote the contest on your social media channels.

6. Attempt Guest Blogging

Guest blogging is an effective way to expand your network to people who visit other websites.

The procedure is simple. All you must do is reach out to website owners who welcome guest posts from artists like you and supply them with original articles. However, your aim is to bring new visitors who can contribute to your long-term growth and success. So, choose websites with a good reputation.

Also, make sure that the website that you write for targets the type of audience that you need for your website.

When you write a guest post for another website, they will credit you as the author. They will add a link to your website in the bio so that a reader who likes your post knows where to find you.

If your guest blog appeals to the other website’s visitors, they will consider checking out your website. That is how you will gain more visibility and draw in new visitors from other reliable websites.

7. Add Your URL To Your Branding And Signature

As an artist, you may be identified by your name or company name. Invest some time and effort into including your website details into your signature branding.

Include the URL in your email signature, text messages, and forum posts, so people can click on the URL and quickly reach your website. Also, add it to your business cards and logo.

Additionally, tie your website to your brand identity to make it easily recognizable.

The website’s look and feel should be consistent with how you showcase your business on any platform.

Make your artist website mobile-friendly. You can then use text messages and mobile advertising to market it further.

8. Submit Your Website To Search Engine Directories And Post On Related Forums

Did you know that there are dedicated online directories for different types of businesses?

Many booking agents use such directories to find the right artist for their needs. So, make use of this option to advertise your artist website and reach people who are interested in what you offer.

When you submit your website and company details to online directories like Google My Business, it will display details like operating hours, location address, and website link when someone searches for you.

Other directories to add your listing to are Yelp and Yellow Pages.

You can also post on forums for artists like Reddit and Quora. It will help you get noticed by the right target audience and give you the chance to link to your website through relevant posts.

Final Takeaway…

Irrespective of how successful you are as an artist or how stunning your website is, you cannot build online traffic without promoting it.

Effective strategies will get your website the exposure it deserves and will help it to grow.

Use the website promotion tips in this guide to market your website and establish a regular flow of online visitors.

It can take some time to notice significant changes. Nonetheless, be patient and consistently follow these steps to experience the difference and enjoy the long-term benefits.

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