46 Artists Who Use Websites (Use These As Your Inspiration)

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An artist website will bring your art under the spotlight, give you the virtual space to showcase your talent and gain the recognition you deserve. It puts you in control of your brand and eliminates the gap between your art and followers.

If you are an artist, you can immensely benefit from an artist website as it will enable your business to grow and prosper. However, to contribute to continued success and growth, an artist website should also be an effective communication and marketing channel. It is also a creative investment since followers will expect your artist website to be an extension of your personality and art.

If you are looking for inspiration to get started with your website design, here’s something to help you. Given below is a list of 46 artists who use websites to communicate their services and showcase their talent to the world in unique and innovative ways.

Use these artist websites as inspiration to build your own website…

  1. Shantell Martin
  2. Benjamin Hardman
  3. Ann Rea
  4. Kate Vass
  5. Melissa Smith
  6. Olivia Truong
  7. Amber Jean
  8. James Lewis
  9. Sophie Kahn
  10. Kelli Blickman
  11. Amit Sharma
  12. Jason Arkles
  13. Matt Le Blanc
  14. Kate O’Sullivan
  15. Jessica Chou
  16. Austin Kleon
  17. Takesada Matsutani
  18. Mark Stephenson
  19. Jingna Zhang
  20. Florian Monfrini
  21. Raul and David
  22. Max Shkret
  23. Andrew L Shea
  24. Barbara Anna Husar
  25. Alex Tran
  26. Banksy
  27. Shobana Jeyasingh
  28. Jamie Cullum
  29. Bruno Mars
  30. Wim Delvoye
  31. Francesca Battistelli
  32. John Baldessari
  33. Norah Jones
  34. Misty Copeland
  35. Charles Bongers
  36. Guillaume Tomasi
  37. Russell Brand
  38. Beyonce
  39. Susan Bennett
  40. Reuben Langdon
  41. Ray Chen
  42. Jennifer Koh
  43. Irina Lankova
  44. Martin Taylor
  45. Justin Guitar
  46. Guitar Prasanna

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