Giving Discounts In MemberPress Without Coupon Code Field

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MemberPress is a powerful plugin to build membership sites as well as to sell anything on your WordPress site.

It also allows you to create Coupons for giving discounts on the products you are selling.

However, for people to use these Coupons, you need to enable the Coupon Code field on the registration form of your product.

People can then enter the Coupon code in this field to get the discount.

But at times you might not want to display this Coupon field but still would want to give a discount to few selected people.

Here is a nice little trick to do just that.

Say the URL of the registration form of your product is:

And your Coupon code is “OFF50”

Then just type “?coupon=OFF50” after registration form URL.

So the final URL will look something like this:

Now, you can just give this link to anyone and they can buy your product with the discount applied. While the rest of the people will never see the Coupon Code field on the registration form to get the discount.

I hope this helped. Don’t hesitate to share this trick with your friends.

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2 thoughts on “Giving Discounts In MemberPress Without Coupon Code Field”

  1. How about if you have a membership site, and you want to offer your discount to only members? They would be logged in, and not need a discount code. We offer classes, and I would not want them to share the discount code with someone who was not a member, and also I would want to make sure it is easy for users to get the discount without having to type in a discount code. Is this possible?

    1. I don’t think it can be done with Coupons. However, while setting up a Membership, you can choose to sell it to only your members. Anyone else, who is not your customer will not be able to buy that membership. That way you can keep the price of this particular membership less by default instead of creating coupons for it. However, setting it up like this means that if you ever want to sell this membership to outsiders, then you will need to create another membership with higher price. Not sure if that works for you, just a suggestion.

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