25 Great Examples Of Photography Website Welcome Messages

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Have you noticed how a pleasant introduction from the host instantly makes you feel welcome in a new space? Similarly, a catchy welcome message will help you grab the attention of website visitors and create a great first impression for your photography website.

There are no rules about how your website’s welcome message should be. However, remember that it should resonate with the purpose and aim of the website. This will make it obvious to visitors what they can expect to find on your website and avoid confusion.

You can choose something as simple as “Hello and welcome.” Or opt for an attention-grabbing phrase that matches the theme of your website. You can also present a short intro about yourself in this space and briefly summarize what the website is about. So, you can be as creative as you want when preparing a welcome message for your photography website.

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Nevertheless, the main thing to remember is that your welcome message should match your personality and website design. It should align with your brand while being powerful enough to impress and engage visitors.

Here are 25 great examples of photography website welcome messages.

Use these examples for inspiration to come up with your own unique welcome message for your photography websites.

1. Brandi Toole

Brandi Toole

2. Peter McKinnon

Peter McKinnon

3. Brandon Woelfel

Brandon Woelfel

4. Danilo & Sharon

Danilo & Sharon

5. 5-Year Bike Trip

5-Year Bike Trip



7. The Hearnes

The Hearnes

8. Gemma Williams

Gemma Williams

9. Rankin


10. Burn


11. Mitchell K

Mitchell K

12. Colin Prior

Colin Prior

13. The Fashion Camera

The Fashion Camera

14. Expert Vagabond

Expert Vagabond

15. Shot By Karyn

Shot By Karyn

16. Miwa Theresa

Miwa Theresa

17. Hayley Yourk Photography

Hayley Yourk Photography

18. Lost Horizon Creatives

Lost Horizon Creatives

19. Hafeinleibe Photography

Hafeinleibe Photography

20. Chelsea Reece

Chelsea Reece

21. India Earl

India Earl

22. With Love & Embers

With Love & Embers

In A Nutshell…

It is quite easy to create a photography website. You can get yours ready in just a few hours with the help of a website builder like WordPress.

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Nevertheless, you need the right mix of elements to make this photography website click and earn you recognition as a serious photographer. One factor that can make a huge difference is a compelling welcome message.

When customers visit your website, their main aim is to find out who you are. Your welcome message should ideally meet this need. It should also be reflective of your brand personality and unobtrusive, yet memorable.

The websites listed above make this happen with well-crafted welcome messages. Use these as your starting point to come up with an effective welcome message that puts you on the right track to getting noticed by your target audience.

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