Is Wix Good For Photography Websites? (Here’s What I Found)

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Whether photography is your profession, or you pursue it as a passion, you must have a website to display your work. It is a window to showcase your talent to the world and get noticed while appearing professional. Fortunately, you can easily create and customize a high-quality photography website on your own with a good website builder. And of the different website builders available today, Wix is one of the options for photographers. So…

Is Wix good for photography websites? Wix is good for photography websites when we consider the ease of use, the extent of customization, and the expenses involved. Wix has more than 30 templates specially designed for photographers. This makes it easy even for novices to set up a professional website. However, where Wix lacks is in its inability to give complete creative freedom to photographers for designing their website.

Wix has economic pricing options, e-commerce functionalities, and quick loading speeds. However, on the flip side, it doesn’t allow template changes once the website goes live. The extensive customization options can also turn out to be confusing.

But there is more to it than just this. So, let us explore the pros and cons of using Wix to build a photography website in greater detail.

Advantages Of Building Your Photography Website Using Wix

One of the most attractive features of Wix is its simplicity. Wix uses simple drag-and-drop functionality to build an entire website. So, you can easily set up your photography website without worrying about a single line of code.

Wix also allows you to be creative to an extent. You can practically achieve many of the things that you want using the vast array of Wix templates and design tools. With the simple drag-and-drop editing tools, you can also customize even the smallest of details.

Now, if you are unsure of which template to choose or have trouble putting your website together, you can turn to the ADI editor on Wix for help. This tool will ask you a few basic questions like what your website does and how you want it to look. Based on your answers, the ADI tool will come up with a customized design for your photography website. Use this as your starting point and tweak it to create the exact design you want.

Flexible prices are another advantage of using Wix for your photography website. Wix offers a range of pricing plans as well as a free plan. Although the free plan supports limited features, it will allow you to get a general feel of how the platform works before you buy it. Once you explore your options and decide that you are comfortable with using Wix, you can upgrade to a premium plan for additional benefits.

The Premium plans of Wix are reasonably priced. These plans offer additional storage and interesting features. You can also select their E-commerce packages to integrate payment options and use your website to sell your photos.

Also, Wix is optimized for mobile devices. This means that your website will look just as good on a handheld device as on a desktop.

Apart from these features, Wix also has several features that specifically benefit photographers.

Features That Make Wix A Good Choice For A Photography Website

  1. Customized Photography Website Templates: A big benefit of this website builder is that it has an impressive array of more than 30+ readymade templates specifically for photographers. These cutting-edge templates come with live demos and samples that will allow you to visualize how the final layout will be. So, you can browse through this collection to find a template that is ideal for displaying your photos and use it as a starting point for your website.
  2. Efficient Photo Editor and Wix Pro Gallery: The Wix Photo editor will allow you to do basic online edits to your photos. So, you can upload your photos to the gallery and perform further edits before publishing them. Photographers can also take advantage of the Wix Pro Gallery, which is a multimedia gallery to showcase photos with the highest possible quality.
  3. Extensive Customization Options to Display Photos: Wix offers endless choices to display photos on your website. Your image gallery can have tight thumbnails and a scrolling option, a full-width slider, a tiled gallery on the homepage, or any other arrangement. You can even set up tiles on the main gallery and link them to individual folders with related images. Whether you want one breathtaking image or a cohesive collection on your homepage, you have the flexibility to design the hpmepage as you want. Wix also supports parallax scrolling and asymmetrical layouts. If you dig around long enough, you will be able to find the exact format to display your images in the best possible way.
  4. Adaptable Designs: The best thing about Wix is that the templates are highly customizable. You can start with a template that you like and play with it till you exactly get what you desire. Wix also gives you the creative freedom to alter existing templates and add custom additions to create a highly personalized website that exactly portrays what you want to convey.
  5. Impressive Speed: User experience is significantly affected by loading speed and Wix has you covered in this regard. It has impressive photo upload speeds that make it convenient and efficient. Bulk uploads are also handled efficiently, which is an important factor for a photography website. Another big advantage of Wix is that it supports multitasking. This means that you can do image edits even while photos upload in the background.

Now that you understand what Wix has to offer, let’s talk about the disadvantages of using Wix…

Disadvantages Of Using Wix To Build Your Photography Website

Although Wix is a very good website builder for photography websites, it has some drawbacks.

One concern is that Wix won’t allow you to change your template once the website is published. So, you cannot revise your website design after the website goes live. This can become a limitation if you wish to expand your website or change its look later. You will have to shift all the existing data to the new space manually.

That is why if you want total flexibility in designing and re-designing your website, then WordPress is a better option compared to Wix.

Here’s a detailed guide on how to create a photography website using WordPress.

Another concern with using Wix is that there no unlimited plans. There is a cap on the bandwidth and storage, even for premium plans. Since photography websites need a lot of storage, you may end up spending more money to maintain your site in the long run. In contrast to this, building your photography website using WordPress gives you total control over the storage and bandwidth. You can keep upgrading your WordPress web hosting as your site grows.

Finally, the endless customization and theme options on Wix can overwhelm some people. While the drag-and-drop feature allows extensive personalization, it can also leave you confused if you aren’t sure of what you want. Since Wix locks the appearance of your website once it is published, this can prove disastrous if you are unhappy with what you create.

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Final Takeaway…

Of all the different website builders, Wix is a good choice for building photography websites from scratch. Even beginners can easily use Wix and make use of its immense customization options and design flexibility to create stunning websites.

Wix also offers flexible pricing plans and upgrades with additional features, should you later need it.

However, Wix doesn’t allow for design alterations after the website goes live. This can be a huge setback if you wish to make changes later. The vast customization options can also be confusing for some users. If you need all of this, then creating your website using WordPress is a better option.

So, whether to use Wix or not, boils down to your personal preferences and expectations from your photography website.

Why don’t you start with a free trial of Wix? You can find out what you can do with the tools and templates. Then invest in Wix only if you think it is the right choice for your needs.

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