100 Great Photography Website Name Ideas That Will Inspire You

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Choosing the right name for your photography business is undoubtedly challenging.

However, equally important and tough is finding an apt name for your photography website.

Not only should this name identify with your actual business, but it should also be unique and memorable.

So the question is…

How To Name Your Photography Website?

As you brainstorm ideas for catchy photography website names, pay attention to the below best practices for coming up with something original and appropriate.

  • Your photography website is an important business branding tool. So, optimize the name with keywords like photo or photography that indicate what the website is about. Niche-oriented keywords will help you highlight your specialty and gain a competitive edge.
  • Keep your photography website name simple and short so that it is easy to remember. Avoid complex characters like numbers, hyphens, and non-alphabetical characters that are confusing and error-prone.
  • Although ‘.com’ and ‘.net’ are ideal domain name extensions, they may not always be available. In such situations, consider extensions like ‘.photo’ and ‘.photography’ that are just as relevant.
  • Choose a name that is short, memorable, and versatile. If you choose a trendy name, it might seem outdated in a few years. So, go with a name that will always be relevant. It should also be expandable, so it can evolve as the business grows.
  • While you should aim to build your personal brand with an original, creative name for your photography website, you should also do some research prior to finalizing it. Make sure that the name you choose is free from copyright issues. If it has already been trademarked by another company, you may face legal issues in the long run.

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If you are struggling to come up with a name for your photography website, then here is a comprehensive list of photography website name ideas…

Catchy Photography Website Names

  • Click Sharp
  • The Portrait Specialist
  • Light Dot Photos
  • The Portrait Studio
  • Caught On Cam
  • Just Strike A Pose
  • Picture Perfect
  • Special Effect Studio
  • Modeling Moments
  • Celebrity Photographers
  • Top Takes
  • Flash Bright
  • Mantel Moments
  • Smile Sharp
  • Professional Party Photographs
  • Catch You On Camera

Cool Photography Website Names

  • Focus Photos
  • Prism Pro
  • Lens Magic Photos
  • Delighted Pics
  • Wacky Wildlife Shots
  • Smart Portraits Photography
  • Pixel Pictures
  • Scarlet Shutters
  • Glossy Photo Gallery
  • Get Snappy
  • Zoom In
  • Quality Clicks
  • In Focus
  • Sun And Sands Studio
  • Photo Magic
  • The Gallery
  • Contemporary Captures
  • Frame It

Unique Photography Website Names

  • Quality Prism
  • Fast Vintage Photos
  • Delightful Depictions
  • Edition Head Shot
  • Creative Impressions
  • Wild Images Photography
  • Outdoor Shoot Specialist
  • Expert Aperture
  • Spot On Sepia
  • Zoom Lens
  • Photo Torrent
  • Magic Pictures
  • Wow Images
  • Classic Frames
  • Crystal Clear Camera

Clever Photography Website Names

  • Click Concept
  • Shoot My Wedding
  • Light And Lens
  • Dream Wedding Images
  • Photo Passionate
  • Flash Focus Photography
  • Little Expressions
  • Lens Elements
  • Fluttering Shutters
  • Ramp Captures
  • Flawless Frames
  • Sweet People Photography
  • Photo Edit Specialist
  • Perfect Family Poses
  • GenZ Photos
  • Special Effect Specialist

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Unusual Photography Website Names

  • QualityX
  • Fine Portraits
  • Project Nature Photos
  • Start Action Capture
  • Flash Photography Point
  • Stunning Snapshots
  • Frame The Wedding
  • Azure Lenses
  • Photo Artistry
  • Fantastic Photos
  • Special Scenes
  • Shutter Made
  • Illusion Studio
  • The Kaleidoscope
  • Bespoke Images
  • Millennial Moments
  • Candid Clicks

Classy Photography Website Names

  • Capture My Wedding
  • All About Photography
  • Family Portrait Studio
  • Fast Color Shoot
  • The Photo Expert
  • Timeless Memories
  • Special Memories Studio
  • All Smiles Photography
  • Your Takes
  • Documenting Memories
  • Flash Focus Frame
  • Classic Captures
  • Romantic Clicks
  • Radiant Portraits
  • Engagement Photo Experts
  • I Do Studio
  • The Images Expert
  • Fabulous Flash
  • Classic Kaleidoscope
  • Still Studio

In Conclusion…

Although it may seem difficult initially, it is not impossible to come up with a good name for your photography website. Use the above list of names as inspiration for your photography website.

Just like you persist till you get the perfect shot, take your time to piece-up the puzzle and come up with a winning name for your website. And if you still have trouble, just list down your favorites and run it by your friends and family. This will help you zero-in on the best one.

It’s as simple as that. Try it!

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