17 Evergreen Color Palettes for Business Websites

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When it comes to website design, color is everything.

It helps set the mood, convey information, and even influence how visitors interact with your site.

But not everyone knows how to make their website look great.

In fact, many people struggle with choosing colors for their sites.

That’s why I’ve put together this list of 17 awesome color palettes for your business website.

These designs are clean, professional, and eye-catching.

They also have unique personalities that make them stand out from the crowd.

I hope these color palettes inspire you to create your own professional-looking business website.

1. Subtle Professional Color Palette

Subtle Professional Color Palette

This professional color palette will help you create a visually appealing website that attracts visitors and converts them into customers.

It works well with any business website. The subtle shades work well with images, text, and videos.

Hex Codes: #252323, #70798C, #F5F1ED, #DAD2BC, #A99985

2. Bold Casual Color Palette

Bold Casual Color Palette

This particular color palette was inspired by the casual style of a personal website.

The bold colors are perfect for creating a fun atmosphere on your website.

You can use this color palette for a variety of different business websites.

Hex Codes: #292F36, #4ECDC4, #FFFFFF, #FF6B6B, #FFFFFF

3. Clean and Simple Color Palette

Clean and Simple Color Palette

If you’re looking for a simple yet elegant color palette, then this is the one for you.

The bright white background stands out against the dark blue and green accents.

This color palette is ideal for a wide range of businesses, including fashion, food, travel, and more.

Hex Codes: #393D3F, #FDFDFF, #C6C5B9, #62929E, #546A7B

4. Modern Minimalist Color Palette

Modern Minimalist Color Palette

Minimalism has been trending in web design lately. If you want to create a minimalist website, then this color palette is perfect for you.

The light lilac background creates a soothing effect while the accent colors add contrast.

Hex Codes: #A09ABC, #B6A6CA, #D5CFE1, #E1DEE9, #D4BEBE

5. Total Professional Color Palette

Total Professional Color Palette

This color palette is designed to give off an air of professionalism.

The soft grey background contrasts nicely with the bright colors.

This color palette is perfect for any business website, including eCommerce, real estate, finance, and more.

Hex Codes: #8693AB, #BDD4E7, #212227, #637074, #AAB9CF

6. Classic Color Palette

Classic Color Palette

This classic color palette is ideal for those who prefer a traditional approach to website design.

The warm browns and black create a cozy feel.

Hex Codes: #1F0318, #E5F2C9, #7F534B, #8C705F, #1E1A1D

7. Modern Classic Color Palette

Modern Classic Color Palette

This color palette is similar to the above classic version but uses slightly dark color shades.

The light gray background gives the page a clean appearance.

This color palette is suitable for businesses that want to give their website a modern as well as classic feel at the same time.

Hex Codes: #C8C8C8, #B3B3B3, #BBB891, #DC965A, #242325

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8. Simple Choice Color Palette

Simple Choice Color Palette

This colorful color palette is perfect for those who love vibrant colors.

The sophisticated colors go well on a high-end service or product website.

Hex Codes: #F1DEDE, #BBACC1, #80727B, #909580, #545643

9. Trusty Business Color Palette

Trusty Business Color Palette

This is a very professional color palette that will help you create a beautiful website.

The deep colors create a nice contrast. It’s perfect for various types of business websites.

Hex Codes: #000000, #0C1821, #1B2A41, #324A5F, #CCC9DC

10. Bright Business Color Palette

Bright Business Color Palette

This color palette is perfect if you want to create a dynamic website.

The bright colors make it easy to see everything on the page.

Hex Codes: #3E78B2, #004BA8, #4A525A, #24272B, #07070A

11. Urgency Color Palette

Urgency Color Palette

This palette contains some of my favorite colors. I think they look great together.

The cool blues and greens complement each other perfectly. This color palette is suitable for a wide range of business websites.

Hex Codes: #E63946, #F1FAEE, #A8DADC, #457B9D, #1D3557

12. Greeny Pastures Color Palette

Greeny Pastures Color Palette

This stylish color palette is perfect for a food-based business.

The earth tones are perfect for highlighting products and services related to various types of food.

Hex Codes: #C9E4CA, #87BBA2, #55828B, #3B6064, #364958

13. Straightforward Color Palette

Straightforward Color Palette

This color palette is perfect for people who like to keep things simple.

The neutral colors are perfect for showcasing products and services.

Hex Codes: #D7F2BA, #BDE4A8, #9CC69B, #79B4A9, #676F54

14. Mixed Color Palette

Mixed Color Palette

The Mixed color palette is perfect if your business offers a variety of products and services.

The red and green colors will highlight the different categories.

Hex Codes: #D33F49, #D7C0D0, #EFF0D1, #77BA99, #262730

15. Urban Color Palette

Urban Color Palette

Here’s a color palette that is perfect for creating a professional image.

The bright and subtle colors are perfect for highlighting products and services.

Hex Codes: #36453B, #596869, #515751, #F5F9E9, #C2C1A5

16. Stylish Color Palette

Stylish Color Palette

The bright colors of this palette are perfect for highlighting the various offerings of a business.

The greens and yellows add a bit of life to the page.

Hex Codes: #818479, #B5CBB7, #D2E4C4, #E4E9B2, #E7E08B

17. Eden Color Palette

Eden Color Palette

This clean color palette is perfect for small businesses.

The light background highlights the text. The dark blue accents bring attention to the content.

And the bright red colors are perfect for making the page pop.

Hex Codes: #114B5F, #456990, #E4FDE1, #F45B69, #6B2737

Few Tips for Creating a Color Palette for A Business Website

Colors are a great way to add personality to your website.

They are also a great way to create a sense of continuity between pages and sections of your site.

Here are a few tips to keep in mind while creating a color palette for your business website:

  1. Choose a neutral background color (such as white). This will help unify your site and give it a clean, modern feel.
  2. Use a bold accent color to draw attention to the important areas of your site.
  3. Consider using two contrasting colors to highlight specific elements of your site. For example, use a light blue to emphasize contact information and a dark red to emphasize call-to-action elements.
  4. Create a unique pattern or texture to set your site apart. For example, use stripes to separate content categories or a repeating pattern to break up large blocks of text.
  5. Add visual interest by adding graphics or icons to your palette. These small touches will keep your site fresh and interesting.
  6. Keep your color palette simple. Don’t go overboard with too many colors or patterns. Too many colors may distract visitors, and too many patterns may be overwhelming.
  7. Make sure that the colors in your palette work well with each other. For example, avoid using a bright orange on a black background because it won’t display correctly.
  8. Be careful not to overdo it. While it’s okay to use a little bit of color here and there, try to limit yourself to no more than three primary colors. Using more than this can cause confusion and overwhelm visitors.

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