16 Best Examples Of Photography Website About Us Page

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An interesting, informative, and persuasive About Us Page can improve the visibility of your photography website. When a potential customer visits your website to learn more about your photography business, they will most likely turn to the About Us Page. They may form their impression of your service based on the content of this page.

So, a good About Us page can improve your business prospects. Use it to tell your story and establish your credibility. You can also draw attention to your qualifications, awards, and recognitions to create a favorable impression. Or, get creative with this page to make it catchy and memorable.

Here are some exciting and interesting photography website About Us pages to inspire you.

1. Mike Kelley

Mike Kelley’s About page is simple but striking. It briefly introduces the artist and then supplies relevant information like the clients and publications he has worked with. His awards and exhibitions are also listed on this page. This page effectively establishes his expertise.

2. Adrieana Blazin

Adriena’s penchant for black and white photography is reflected through her About page. This web page features a stunning image. Below it; is an account of her introduction to photography, services she offers, and a strong Call To Action. The signature element is a black and white photograph of the artist, which invokes a personal connection.

3. Grace Chuang

Grace Chuang’s About page covers everything that a potential customer would want to know about the photographer. A full-size, high-quality image of the photographer resonates with her style of photography. She efficiently highlights the most relevant aspects of her career by changing the font, style, or color of the text in an unobtrusive but effective way.

4. Brandi Toole

Brandi Toole’s About Me page is quirky and exciting but informative as well. All the relevant details about the artist are placed in the top half. Her awards and recognitions are highlighted by the addition of badges. The strategic scattering of photographs gives us a sneak peek of the type of images she specializes in. Finally, the trivia section creates a personal touch that makes the artist seem more approachable.

5. Amelia Allen

Amelia’s style of photography is cheerful and fun, creating a lasting impression in the mind of a visitor. The content of Amelia Allen’s About page establishes her expertise and talent. It lists the notable clients and publications that she has worked with. The About Us Page also directs visitors to samples of her work. Overall, this page is short, crisp, and compelling.

6. Danilo and Sharon

Danilo and Sharon’s About page communicates a wealth of information about the founders. Nevertheless, it is uncluttered and effective. Personal touches like the full-size photograph and the artist’s signature enhance the appeal of the page. The website also cleverly highlights awards, recognitions, and publications as well as beautiful images in the lower half of the page that makes it more exciting.

7. Frank Gomez

The About page of Frank Gomez is light, easy to read, and informative. Links to the professional portfolio are provided as well. The contact information is placed at the very top. The artist highlights the affordability aspect of his business through the “affordable artistry” tag in the header and reiterates it in the text.

8. Marvin Lei

Marvin Lei’s About page lets his art do most of the talking with an oversized image occupying the greater part. The text is short but conveys the natural and intimate nature of the photographer’s style. The casual style is further emphasized in the Fun Facts section.


The About Us page on the UNRTD website is crisp and engaging. It delivers relevant information about the studio’s history and what it does. Contact information is displayed prominently at the bottom of the page, ensuring that visitors easily find what they want in a single glance.

10. The Hearnes

The Hearnes photography business focuses on unconventional wedding photography. The About Us page of The Hearnes is an extension of this deviation from traditional practices. The page is long and contains a wealth of information. It carries the bios of the photographers, vivid images, a description of the company history, and a long list of all the places that have featured the artists. With no detail spared, a visitor can find out everything they need about the photographers from this single page.

11. Jason Bell

Jason Bell is a renowned photographer. Nevertheless, anyone who hasn’t heard about him can find out everything they need from the detailed About page of Jason Bell. It covers every significant detail in the career of the photographer. The content is laid down in a simple, uncluttered format but has all the details that a client would seek.

12. Steve McCurry

The warm colors of the text and background make the About page of Steve McCurry stand out. The content is relevant and interesting. It is supported by an imposing image of the photographer. Important information is highlighted using a different font color, keeping it neat but effective.

13. Gavin Gough

Gavin Gough’s About page is neatly structured with a brief introduction about the photographer, his work, and press coverage. The content goes on to include images and testimonials. The page also includes a contact button. With plenty of white space, this page doesn’t look uncluttered despite the wealth of information it provides.

14. Colin Prior

The About page of Colin Prior is elaborate but simple to navigate. The text doesn’t clash with the vivid imagery, and a high-quality photograph of the artist is displayed strategically at the right corner. The content is delivered through a storytelling format, which creates a lingering expression in the visitor’s mind.

15. Anna Kuperberg Photographer

Anna Kuperberg’s About page is an excellent example of how a short and compelling content can make a lasting impression. It introduces the artist effectively through a crisp bio that briefly covers her qualifications, client details, and recognitions. It also displays an imposing black and white photograph of the artist herself. Finally, contact information is also included.

16. Amit Sharma Photography

While the About page of Amit Sharma introduces the artist in detail, it also stays true to the overall theme of his website. The life-size image of the photographer is captured in his signature style. Meanwhile, the content communicates essential details like the photographer’s career milestones, his style of photography, and his work ethic.

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So, In A Nutshell…

Crafting an interesting photography website About Us page doesn’t have to be complicated. There is no winning formula to follow. So, exercise your creativity and come up with a page that is compelling and unique.

Get more results from your About Us page with inspiration from the above examples. Make it good and make it count!

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