Is WordPress Hard To Learn? (And Ways To Learn It Fast)

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There was a time when you had to hire the services of a web designer to create a decent, functional website. However, the arrival of web building software like WordPress, Wix, and Squarespace changed this for the better. Now everyone can build a website from scratch with the help of a website builder, even if they don’t have any background in coding. Of the different website builders, WordPress is very popular because of its versatility, customization capabilities, and simplicity. But, if you are new to website builder platforms, you may be unsure of your abilities to handle WordPress.

Is WordPress hard to learn? WordPress is perfect for blogging, information websites, corporate, and personal websites. Basic WordPress skills are easy to master. If you can understand the concepts, you can easily build websites without any coding knowledge at all. However, it is not so easy if your website must have advanced features like a chat option or a billing system. You must be an expert WordPress developer to handle these tasks, and it can take a while to acquire this expertise.

Read on to understand how all this works and find out if WordPress is suitable for your needs.

What Is WordPress?

WordPress was initially created as a blogging platform in 2003. The basic setup has an admin panel and a front-end. The admin panel is a point-and-click interface. You will use this space to design, structure, and maintain your website. You will also use the admin panel to upload content like blogs and images. The updates will then appear on the front-end. So, with a few clicks, you can create a complete website for yourself.

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Although WordPress was initially intended as a blogging platform, it has expanded further over the years. WordPress has, in fact, developed into a powerful CMS or Content Management System that can be used to construct websites of any complexity. The basic aim remains the same; WordPress will allow you to set up a website and add, format, and publish content in an easy and customized manner. However, advanced WordPress features will allow you to extensively customize your website and add functions like a chat option, e-commerce, and custom icons.

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Is WordPress Good For Beginners?

Traditionally, building web pages from scratch required extensive technical knowledge of HTML and CSS. However, the best thing about WordPress is that you do not start with a blank page.

WordPress comes with a variety of themes that can be used as a template or a starting point. By choosing a suitable theme and plugins, you can customize the look and functionality of your website. Once the basic website is ready, you can further tweak it to add new content and features.

WordPress fundamentals are very easy to grasp. Even if you have no background in coding, you can easily set up a basic website.

To get a better idea of how complex WordPress is for beginners, we can compare it to a basic word processor like Microsoft Word. Anyone with fundamental computer skills can easily navigate their way through MS Word. WordPress is also just as simple.

So, if you want a basic website with a few web pages and a contact form, you can easily make it using WordPress. You can get started with or with the self-hosted version of WordPress, which you can download from The interface is easy to use for both of these flavors of WordPress, and you will need only simple plugins to create a working website.

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However, to add extensive functionality and features to your website, you will need more technical knowledge of the platform. For extensive customizations, you will also have to get into the background code. And for this, CSS, JavaScript, PHP, and similar skills will be needed. I recommend instead of to create websites because it gives you complete control over your website.

Common Challenges When Using WordPress For The First Time

WordPress is very popular with users because of its simplicity and flexibility. You can run a website easily without any hassles with just a basic understanding of how WordPress works.

Nonetheless, beginners usually find WordPress themes and plugins challenging to work with.

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What Are WordPress Themes And Plugins?

Themes are the design elements like the page layout, fonts, colors, and styling of a website. With both paid and free themes available, you have plenty of options to choose from. However, the documentation accompanying themes isn’t always precise. So, you may take some time to figure out how it works.

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Each theme will present different customization options. So, it may not be easy to switch from one theme to another if you decide to change the look and feel of the website in the future. You may even have to contact a developer if you wish to switch to a theme that looks different from your preferred design.

Plugins are another challenging concept for beginners. Plugins are addons that extend the behavior and capability of a website. They are used to add features like contact forms, social media buttons, and photo galleries to a website. While some plugins are interactive, others work in the background and perform tasks like site backup.

Factors like which plugins to use, which ones not to use, and how to use them, can pose challenges. When you install a new plugin, some trial and error are often involved in figuring out how it works. You will also have to find out where to place certain icons, like social media buttons, for the best impact. This can take practice and experience.

If there is no pre-built plugin to perform the task you desire, you can have it custom-built to deliver the exact features you want. However, it requires technical expertise, and you may have to hire the services of a developer.

How Long Does It Take To Learn WordPress?

If you have decent computer skills, you can learn the basics of WordPress in a matter of hours. It shouldn’t take more than ten or twelve hours to set up a basic website and get it running.

Once you are comfortable with using WordPress, you can further explore its features. WordPress is amazingly versatile. It was built with non-technical users in mind. So, it doesn’t take too much effort for beginners.

However, if you are keen on learning more than the basics, there are plenty of resources to help you. This very website is dedicated to learning how to make a website using WordPress. You can also read this article for the 11 Best WordPress Training Courses Of All Time. These resources are the fastest way to learn WordPress.

Once you build enough expertise, you can pack your website with extensive functionality and features. And as you dig deeper, you will be surprised by the scope of options WordPress offers.

So, In A Nutshell…

WordPress is one of the best website building platforms for users with any level of technical expertise. It gives you the perfect starting point to build a website and allows you to go as deep as you want. With WordPress, you can be as creative as you want when creating a website. Whether you choose to keep it simple or deliver a full-fledged website packed with features, it allows the flexibility to achieve your goals.

Once you get your basic WordPress website up and running, you can improve its functionality to achieve all that you want.

From e-commerce and blogs to information and education websites, WordPress can do anything you want. Its capabilities go far, making it the perfect choice for anyone who wants a reliable and high-quality website.

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