How To Add Placeholder In Contact Form 7? (In 2 Easy Steps)

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It is a common need to add a placeholder for a form field.

And the Contact Form 7 plugin makes it very easy to do so.

Given below are the steps to add a placeholder in Contact Form 7:

1. Edit the form.

Go to Contact > Contact Forms page in your WordPress Admin Panel. Then, edit the form in which you have the field for which you want to add the placeholder.

Edit Contact Form 7 form

2. Add placeholder option to the field’s form-tag.

At the end of the form-tag representing the field to which you want to add the placeholder, enter the placeholder option with a value.

For example, [text* your-name placeholder “Your name”]

Placeholder option in form tag

Now, save the form.

And that’s it.

You have now added a placeholder to a field in Contact Form 7.

What’s Next?

You can do a lot of such cool stuff with the Contact Form 7 plugin.

Here are some tutorials to help you make full use of this plugin:

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